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Antique Store Policies in Sacramento, CA

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In Stock Merchandise

When it comes to antiques, what you see in our 7000 sq ft store is what we have. Once an antique piece of furniture sells, there is no similar "stock" to replace it. If you're not sure the piece will fit in your home, we are happy to put a 24 hour "hold" on that piece so that you can double check.


We do provide a layaway service. Items have to be over $100 in order to be eligible. Items from $100 to $1000 have a three-month layaway. We add the sales tax and divide by three to get the three equal payments. The first payment is due at time of purchase
Items over $1000 can be purchased on a six-month layaway plan. Again, we add the sales tax and divide by six. The first payment is due at time of purchase.
Payments for either plan are due monthly until paid off. Please note that layaway payments or deposits are not refundable. Budget accordingly.


We do offer delivery if necessary. It is through a third-party service and delivery payments are made directly to them. We deliver within 30 miles of the store. If the delivery is complicated due to stairs or tight corners, we will need a consent form signed to alleviate us from liability. Delivery does not include moving existing furniture in your home. That will incur an extra labor charge. Delivery times are flexible and we call before the item leaves the store. Exact times of delivery cannot be guaranteed and we will not deliver in inclement weather. Deliveries will be rescheduled if it is raining or excessively hot.

Returns and Refunds

This is simple. There is a "no return" and a "no refund" policy in the store. This is not a place for impulse buys.